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        Shengzhou Huada Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of famous speakers. No. 610, Zhenxing Road, Ganlin Town, Shengzhou City, covers an area of 7280 square meters, production workshop and office area of 8,200 square meters.
        This factory professional to production kinds of tweeters and drivers and parts . It's research and development, production, processing, marketing, trading in one.we have advanced CNC machine processing center. and large cold forging equipment, high precision test instruments.  We also have Strong technical strength to production and processing all diaphragm: Titanium, Magnesium Aluminum Alloy, Graphene, PEEK, PI, PEN, PEI and so on . In order to ensure product quality, we will purchase from raw materials and produce various accessories , and then  finish the product, every  process  is strictly required, precise testing.
        Since establishment in 1992, the company has developed so far, with strong development and production capacity, meets customer needs and development and promotes customers to expand the market. The company's purpose, quality first,Reputation first principle.welcome friends to join with us and together to do business , Let's together create and believe tomorrow is better and better !


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