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Company culture
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Value: customer, essence, cooperation, honesty and enterprising
1. Customers: achieve customers, focus on customers' needs, and understand the company's strategy and department's tasks from customers' needs;
2. Essence: grasp the essence of things, find the root cause of the problem with professional working methods and understand the ultimate purpose of the work while taking the result as the guide;
3. Cooperation: jump out of the personal level, look at problems from the perspective of the company, learn to share difficulties and problems, and learn to share resources and experience;
4. Honesty: Based on facts and data, seek truth from facts, do not hide or cheat; Adhere to the principles of integrity and integrity;
5. Enterprising: Aiming at the company's strategic needs, constantly improve professional knowledge, give full play to intelligence, solve problems and create value.

Code of conduct
Unite people with culture and control human nature with system

Talent concept
People oriented and keeping pace with the times
Create a mechanism that can give full play to employees' personal value and let employees develop together with the company
Create an appropriate learning atmosphere so that every employee has the motivation to continuously learn and improve themselves
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